Weight Loss Journey Advice!

When I started my journey I had no idea it would change my life so much. I have invested in my healthy lifestyle, I workout 5-6 days a week I eat healthy, drink a lot of water, surround myself with supportive people and LOVE myself more then I ever thought possible.

When you first start your journey set small goals every week. The large weight loss goal is too overwhelming to stay focused on, small goals are achievable. The small goals you set do not matter if it is a weight loss goal, reduce your carbs or eat more healthy fats just make it your focus and do it. Each week you add to that goal.. Week 1 reduce carbs, week 2 lose 1 pound and keep a focus on reduction in carbs so on and so forth. If you make small goals and are able to obtain these goals the journey becomes a success and you see yourself being motivated by these goals. Every week keep setting these goals a CRUSHING them!

Divorce your scale. If you have a trainer and weigh in with them, only get on your home scale once a week. If you do not have a trainer get on your scale 2 times a week.It will take a while to get used to it but you will be glad that you are not married to your scale. Remind yourself it is how you feel not the number you see,the scale is ONLY a measure of weight NOT of how amazing you are going to start to feel.

Find a support system! I can not stress how important a support system is! These are the people you will lean on when you feel like your not succeeding or when you have questions about an exercise or a food. maybe its meeting people at your gym, or you might know people who already have a “gym” lifestyle. There are also many websites out there that offer support.

Research the food you want to put in your body. Don’t just go off of what others tell you! Make this journey yours! Remember food is the fuel of your body you want the best fuel you can get! Also remember you can NOT out exercise a BAD diet! Use a food tracker, I use my fitness pal it tracks calories, and breaks down the percentage of fats, carbs and protein you are taking in. It is very surprising in the beginning the changes you need to make are not always in the areas you think!

Find exercises you LOVE either start with them to motivate you to keep going or end with them as a motivation to get to the end of your workout! I love running and legs, so I start with running and end with legs everything in the middle I give it my all to get to work on my legs! If you need work out lists or demo get an account on pintrest there are millions of pins of different exercises! For Demos get an account on instagram many people or accounts you can follow for demos on how to do an exercise correctly.

changing your lifestyle does not happen over night, You did not get to your current weight over night so have patience, keep your mind focused on the small goals each week, learn to love yourself enough to push through the tough times and really embrace the journey!



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