Core workout


Weightloss update

Last night was a huge night in my life, I stepped on the scale and have offically 101 pounds! I was terrified to actually get in the scale to see if I had made it! I did not want to disappoint myself,my trainer or my fit family that was there. However, NO disappointed people were in the room when I said my weight out loud! We all celebrated my success! This was hard,I actually wanted to cry, I have never in my life been so unbelievably proud of MYSELF! I kept my emotions in…..mostly! Ha ha probably not at all if you ask my trainer! He asked why I was so quiet! But I still kicked ass in my session and I am still processing the fact that I have lost 101 pounds in 10 months! It can be done, you MUST stay focused and determined to never ever ever give up on yourself! What you give up is food that does not serve you! What you give up is negative people who don’t support you! What you give up is hating what you see in the mirror and start loving yourself so much you can finally breathe! What you accept is all the support you will receive! What you embrace is all the small successes that become one huge story in your life!
Honestly, there is no better day then today to start! Time is going to pass why not let it pass while your kicking ass😄