Protein is strength = Power

Protein defined means “of Prime Importance” Proteins are made up of amino acids and proteins are vital to our health that’s why they are often refered to as ” the building blocks of life.” What are Amino acids you ask? They are molecules that are used to build and repair all of the cells in your body including your DNA. Think of amino acids as the building blocks. There are approximately 20 different amino acids that join together to make all types of protein. Some of these amino acids can’t be made by our bodies, so these are known as essential amino acids. It’s essential that our diet provide these.


Proteins are different that fat and carbs as your body can not store away excess for later. The best way to eat protein is not to sitdown and eat a huge steak in one meal but to have small portions of protein steadily throughout the day, that way the amino acids are always available for your body to use.

So now the question comes… How much protein should you eat? Well the simple answer is it is NOT a one size fits all. The amount of protein needed is dependent on your activity level, the amount of strength training and the amount of weight on your body. So, Basically the more strength training you do, the more active you are or the more you weight the more protein you will need to support your body in healing and rebuilding.



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